Christie Responsible for New Jersey Bridge Gate Lane Closures?

According the above article, Christie won’t be sued in bridge scandal.

Christie has said he had no knowledge of the planning or execution of the lane closings until well afterward, and a taxpayer-funded report by lawyers hired by Christie arrived at the same conclusions. The Democrat-controlled legislative panel in an interim report on its inquiry didn’t find any proof of a direct connection between the governor and the lane closures.

The two lawsuits made several claims, including deprivation of constitutional rights to due process and freedom of movement, official misconduct, conspiracy and racketeering. One case was filed by several people who said they were late for work because of the traffic jams; the other was filed by several limousine and taxi companies.

Besides Kelly, others targeted in the lawsuits include former Christie campaign chairman Bill Stepien, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey and former Port Authority officials Bill Baroni and David Wildstein. Baroni and Wildstein both resigned in the wake of the scandal; Kelly was fired and Christie cut ties with Stepien.

Discovery & depositions may provide evidence that Chris Christie was directly involved in the bridge gate scandal.

It does not make sense that Bridget Kelly & others involved would shut down lanes unless, they were given orders to do so by someone up the chain of command.

It also does not make sense that Chris Christie didn’t ask Bridget Kelly why she shut the lanes down before he fired her.

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New developments in the GW bridge scandal

One year after the lanes were shut down on the George Washington Bridge, Steve Kornacki and New Jersey Assemblyman John Wisniewski join Chris Matthews for a progress report on what’s going on with the investigations and what the future holds for Gov. Chris Christie.

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Christie sets record for credit downgrades

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie setting a state record for presiding over seven credit downgrades of his state’s debt.

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Another bridge controversy for Christie?

A new report links New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie to yet another bridge inquiry, this one focusing on whether or not his administration broke laws by using Port Authority funds to pay for repairs on another bridge.

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Port Authority scandal at ground zero

As the “Bridgegate” scandal rolls on, the investigation into problems at the Port Authority widens.

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New grand jury details in NJ bridge scandal

Kendall Coffey, former United States attorney, talks with Rachel Maddow about new reporting that the criminal investigation into the New Jersey bridge traffic scandal has entered a new phase, with witnesses being brought before a grand jury.

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Bridge scandal follows Christie to Vegas

Alex Pareene discusses New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s trip to Las Vegas, which was plagued by missteps and questions about the George Washington Bridge scandal.

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